Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.
Mark Twain

After a couple of elementary wood constructions (bed, desk station, lectern & shelf), it was time for a new hobby. Wood working is nice, but I’ve got no talent for it and have already build what I need at the moment.

Looking around, I think sewing might be a very useful and promising hobby. I’ve already (re)sewn a few things by hand (but not very well), for example, an iPhone arm holder or protectors on side pockets. Very very basic stuff.

But going into a more advanced direction, I think sewing might be very, very useful for the following types of projects:

  • Repairs: Rare but it happens, some damage that could be fixed easily, if only. After all, why throw it away if you can repair it.
  • Mods: If a bought piece of clothing is good, not could be better if only … modding might be a way to vastly improve the usefulness of the garment. A pocket here, some mod there … yeah.
  • Constructions: Most complex of the three, but yeah, designing your own clothes. Whether it’s creating a beanie that actually fits and is warm (and in the right color), or heck, even sewing a Cordura messenger bag that is the right size and has the right amount of pockets … damn, there’s lots of potential here.

And luckily, there are lots of videos on YouTube explaining how to sew (with a sewing machine). And looking online, you can get all kinds of fabric online. And I think it might be interesting and complex enough from a technical knowledge and from a skill perspective. After all, there’s threads, fabrics, different needles, different stitches. There’s the creativity in sketching designs (which do not have to look great, a plus if you can’t draw like me), the translation in a 3D shape … yeah.

Might be something to consider.