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For a book that I wrote because I had to, I have received some interesting feedback. Here are some comments from readers:

Diane from freelance-zone named it as the #1 of 10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Writers (2012):

Gift #1  Creativity Gets In Bed with Organization (ooh la la!)
Daniel Wessel at Organizing Creativity…. He’s a genius!
He’s figured out the thing that sinks most writers (and other creative-types): how to organize your creative process (the key to your business) so that it’s even better. And how to actually troubleshoot the Gordian knot that is a finished product.
Result?  Yes, indeed, a book of epic coolness.  You can get the pdf for free-ish.  Just pay if you find it useful.
Daniel, dude, even your pricing is creative. (I’ll be applauding with money soon!)

D. Loginov (at Amazon.com) gives 5 of 5 stars and says:

I’m an MIT grad student and I was searching for a good resource on increasing my productivity in the digital age. I actually found a lot of good advice from the author, who doesn’t try to thrust his opinion but rather weighs in on pros and cons of everything.
You can get the downsized version of the PDF of this book for free from the author’s website and that’s what I did first, but now I decided to support the author directly, though I’ve used Lulu.com instead of Amazon to give the author more. But for those who want it cheaper, please consider ordering it here.

Luc Beaulieu (at Amazon.com) gave 4 of 5 stars and said:

I have read the first edition of this book (freely available as the second edition was in preparation) and really like it. I also got the second edition from the author website. This version is more mature and gives an excellent overview of tools and tips. I bought the color paper version of this book for future reference and, as I said following my online review (lucbeaulieu dot com), I now strongly recommend this book for all the new graduate students starting in my research group.

David Olson “David” (at Amazon.com) also gave 4 of 5 stars and said:

I am a returning university student and this book has been invaluable in helping me set up a digital academic workflow. The ideas and overview of available software and process is excellent. A great deal of the ideas fit nicely into the research writing process. Kudos on a great job! I thoroughly recommend this book.

“Reggae” (at Amazon.com) first gave only 1 star, later changed it to 3, and said:

Rewrote this review, as the initial review (copied below for posterity) was unbalanced and unfair. I still think the treatment of the topics covered was ‘light’, however as a map of the terrain – or an introduction to the covered topics – it is a useful piece of work. Revisiting the book after a year, in a different context, I found it useful in helping shape thoughts on how to revisit my own creative process.

Positives. Great title, well organized and covers a lot of ground..
Negative. Absolutely nothing (yes nothing) of any serious depth, insight, value or even note in this book! Sounds harsh, I know. Sorry. Wanted to like it. But doesn’t get beyond skimming the surface of everything he touches. The PDF version has been made free for download through shareware by the author. Check out before buying.

Although this review hurt when I read the first version, I was positively surprised by the change later. It’s not common that someone changes his/her mind and changes the feedback. Kudos. And yes, it is more of an overview book, although it goes into some details. The problem is that it is very hard to write a book that stays usable and go into details, esp. when you refer to software (versions change quickly). So I tried to make it useful for some time.

Jeremy Brecher (at Amazon.com) gave 5 out of 5 stars and said:

A great book for any writing or academic work
This is a fantastic collection of tools and wisdom. As a freelance writer and researcher for half-a-century, I can’t think of a better companion for anyone who has to do long, complex projects or aspires to a career that requires them.

Cool, made my day 🙂

But like written, make up your own mind.

The book is available here as PDF. If you like it, tell me about it, if you don’t like, also tell me about it.

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