“A performance without an audience is just another rehearsal.”
Nancy Osborn

I did a presentation about Organizing Creativity a while ago. It’s essentially a short version of my book, but it addresses just the tip of the iceberg.

But still, it gives a nice overview. Be warned though, it was my first attempt of recording an online presentation at home (see this posting) and I’m rubbish without an audience. Plus, I’ve got a very strong German accent (but hey, some people like it — thank you Ania :-)).

(Note: Circus Ponies Notebook has folded in the meantime, however, when it comes to outlines and having source information available, OmniOutliner works as well.)

Unfortunately, YouTube nuked my account in the meantime, so I did a quick-and-dirty rerecording (yeah, couldn’t find the video among my backups, surprised me as well).

Hope there’s something interesting in the presentation and I’d love to hear constructive feedback 🙂


  1. WoW. Pretty simple things. Probably I have already heard about most of the things described. However, organizing the content and describing their relative importance in an interesting is a great task. It’s a blessing for anyone really serious about taking research as career. I wish these things would had been told to us by our supervisors.

  2. Very sweet presentation, thank you 🙂 Agree with above comments. Appreciate the personal approach and anecdotal examples.

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