Censorship of Science

«Science is the Belief in the Ignorance of the Experts.»

Let me be very clear: I do not care whether what the speaker says is true. I care about whether the debate can be had. Because if there is one litmus test of science, it’s whenever a debate is «verboten», you pretty much know that something is wrong.

And something is very wrong with Covid. And many — unfortunately — many people in high position have invested in certain untenable positions (if you go by empirical evidence without first discounting it, and if you think, yeah, yeah, I know what’s true, no you don’t). And those people will do anything but admit to it. Huge numbers of vaccinated and boostered people are getting sick with Covid — yeah, who would have known that this happens with an RNA virus? Pretty much lots of people (yeah, this was my own posting, but if I do get it — rather late on this blog, much earlier in my mind — many much more smarter people did get it earlier).

But — according to some German politicians — the unvaccinated are at fault. Yeah, that makes sense.

So yeah, listen to different points of views — and make up your own conclusions.

Happy thinking. (Even if it makes you — and others — uncomfortable. And it does.)