Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet Passport (PDF)

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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

A while ago I did create a character sheet for the role playing game “Call of Cthulhu” (see here and here). Given it’s setting, I thought turning it into a (travel) passport like document would be fitting. It turned out quite well, even if it only got used in one session (so far). Not the fault of the character sheet, but of my available time. I love role playing games, but damn, they are time-sinks. And there are other games that are also fun to play.

So, here’s the document to download (should be the right one) — for inspiration. If printed (two-sided, long-edge binding) on stronger paper, it makes a nice (if small) passport. And yeah, going the actual size of a travel passport would have been an option, but I wanted to save paper (did not have a printer available so I had to print it in a copy shop).

Have fun.

Update: Another version with white backgrounds (better for printing on colored paper) is also available for download.

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6 Comments on Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet Passport (PDF)

  1. Andr0ss // 2019-11-25 at 14:14 //

    I am planning on using these for an upcoming Cthulhu campaign I will be running. I managed to get cream colored linen card stock I will be printing them on, but I was wondering if you could upload a file version that was the color cover and stamps but otherwise white backgrounds as to save on ink.

  2. Daniel // 2019-11-26 at 10:25 //

    Hmmmm … I’ll have to edit the original files. Normally not a problem, but it might take a few days until I’ll have time to do so.

  3. Andr0ss // 2019-11-26 at 14:51 //

    If you are willing to I could greatly appreciate it, however if not I understand will use your other file in that case. Regardless, have you considered making a Drive Through RPG account and sharing this with The Miskatonic Repository? I know a lot of gamers would really love these as is.

  4. Daniel // 2019-11-27 at 20:48 //

    Hoi … hmmm … check out this file. Just leave a comment either way — whether it works or don’t. Hmm, and yeah, perhaps sharing it there might be a good idea. Thank you 🙂

  5. Andr0ss // 2019-11-28 at 09:11 //

    This latest file works tremendously. Thank you very much!

  6. Daniel // 2019-12-03 at 11:00 //

    Glad to hear it — have fun. Oh, and I’d appreciate feedback — what worked well, what could be improved, general suggestions.

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