Developers Asking for an App Review – Two Methods

Don’t try to have the last word.
You might get it.
Excerpt from the Notebooks of Lazarus Long in «Time Enough For Love» by Robert A. Heinlein

Trying out different apps, there seem to be at least two strategies of asking for user reviews. You ask users in the text about the need for reviews to survive in the app store:

Or you interrupt users when using your app:

I admit, it’s a pretty low blow to rate a good app badly. Just because they interrupted your thoughts by asking for a review. I mean, PDFExpert is a pretty good app. And their support was very helpful when I wanted to use the academic discount. But then again, it is also a low method to get reviews this way.

So, if you are a developer, please interrupt the user for a review. You might get it. Especially if you offer a productivity tool that’s just an annoying breach of concentration and focus. Put it in the update description, or an an option in the menu. You might not get as many reviews. But you likely get better ones.

(At least from me. 😉 ).