MetaNook Presentation (German): Wissenschaftliches Schreiben im Studium: Oder: Wie schreibe ich das verdammte Teil bloß?

«A performance without an audience is just another rehearsal.»
Nancy Osborn

I did a shortened version of my presentation about scientific writing at a student event. The presentation is in German and a bit more lively than the longer version here. There is an advantage in speaking in front of an audience, esp. if the audience is interested in the topic.

The video and the slides should be on their event website soon (MetaNook), but I also include it here in case their server gets inaccessible (using their video upload).


Slides (German)

Slides (PDF) available by clicking on the image or this link.

It was fun. Nice to talk about something that is close to my heart and hopefully helpful to others. 🙂

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