Online Presentation [Broken English]: Scientific Writing

«It is a pity you do not understand either ancient or modern Greek, both of which Haidee speaks so fluently; the poor child will be obliged to talk to you in Italian, which will give you but a very false idea of her powers of conversation.»
«The Count of Monte Cristo» by Alexandre Dumas

Ah, screw it. My English accent is atrocious at the moment (even I have trouble understanding myself), but here’s the English version of a presentation on scientific writing. In the language of science — «broken English» (I hope, I haven’t listened to it yet).

As usual, constructive feedback is welcome, and yup, I’ll have to work on my accent. Probably not doing it in the morning and speaking a bit more beforehand would be a good first step.

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1 Comment on Online Presentation [Broken English]: Scientific Writing

  1. Guillermo Gonzalez Zurro // 2017-10-15 at 22:37 //

    Great!! Thank you.

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