So, what is important to you?

“Don’t wait around for your life to happen to you. Find something that makes you happy, and do it. Because everything else is all just background noise.”
George Mason in “24”

I’m currently doing some job coaching, courtesy of the unemployment office and the strange realization that I have some (I think) useful skills, but no ideal where to employ them.

And yeah, coaching is interesting. Strange when a person you know for less than a couple of hours gives you personal feedback. And so far (4 hours in) I’m positively surprised. Some things to think about. Among others, how coaches behave, but also about the importance of underlying world views.

So, I am more-or-less leaving academia. But it seems that many people strive for making money at this point. My coach mentioned it a couple of times. But, yeah, while I want to be able to live of my work (and live reasonably well), money was never something that motivates me.

I mean, you see people who identify by what they have. I never understood this mindset. I identify by what I do. What I contribute. What I can do to … well, make the world a somewhat better place. (And as a personal side-note, yeah, I blame-thank series like MacGyver and Star Trek TNG.)

In any case, it’s an interesting time. Really thinking about what matters to you, and preparing to go for it, despite societies conventions … very interesting.

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