Just some nails in the wall

If the only tool you have is a hammer,
you tend to see every problem as a nail.

I mentioned it en passant in the posting about my standing desk, but I think it’s worth its own posting. Giving that I stand in front of my computer and the wall is within easy reach, I put in some nails to hang frequently used tools.

Just some nails in the wall — and what you can do with them.

Does not look like much, but is extremely practical. With my old desk, I frequently misplaced pens and even a notepad got lost. Now I have it within easy reach and I cannot bury it under other stuff (which I keep away from my desk now anyhow). Nails with hooks would probably have worked better (except for the pens, these work just fine this way), but even so, the nails are incredibly useful.

I can’t go farther to the left, as this would bring me in the area where I expect the wires to run, and I can’t go further to the right, as this would not be in reach anymore. But perhaps I start another row below it. If I need to hang more stuff. So far, my iPod nano (with wristband), a pen for capacitive displays, my favorite writing pen (uni POWER TANK), a mechanical pencil, a notepad with my favorite writing paper (Clairefontaine), and another nail for my iPhone cable (currently in use) seems to be enough.

But yup, sometimes it’s the simple things that are really helpful.