Education Standards in TV

Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation.

A while ago I probably saw the most depressing tweet regarding the state of education in Germany:

Let’s zoom into the image a bit closer:

According to the tweet, it shows images from the German educational television, with the past on the left side and the present on the right. And sure, there might be differences in the age of the audience — I hope. I do not own a TV.

But if this is the state of educational television, yikes. I mean, just look at the images … the serious men on the left trying to explain complex phenomena, and the women on the right … well, I do not think they are going into technical details. The literal translation of the titles are: «7/12: Climate killer: evil, evil, concrete», «11/12 climate protection does speed up», «5/12 The 3-degree-horror», and «6/12 Is capitalism able to do climate».

Without having seen the videos on the right (not my type of kink), the videos look superficial and stereotypical, emotional and panic driven. Likely rather doubtful that the viewers learn about the complex background and — hey, perhaps even some of the inherent problems in predicting complex systems over large time frames.

I wonder what the reasons are for videos like the one on the right — governmental loyalty oath? Look here, we are doing videos that are in line with your politics? Simply worse people on the job? Or perhaps a changed audience that has way more way interesting distractions than watching videos about complex issues?

Hmmm, I also wonder whether the older videos are available somewhere, well, if not, there is Khan academy.

Luckily, today you have the choice.