Interesting Podcast on Homeschooling

«If you homeschool your kids they won’t adjust well in our society.»
«Yeah, that’s the point.»
source unknown

Keri Smith from «Deprogrammed» had an interesting podcast (vidcast, really) on homeschooling. She interviewed Hannah Frankman who is and makes a good case for homeschooling:

There is more information on Hannah Frankman’s work on (without m).

Highly recommended. Btw, Keri Smith has other interesting episodes as well, in a nutshell, she was a woke-lefty who turned Christian-more-free-thinker, which makes for an interesting perspective.

While homeschooling is unfortunately not allowed in Germany — yeah, the state wants access to the children, what could go wrong? — it’s something to keep in mind. Reminds me of «The Courage to Grow» by Sandefer (2018), a book about Acton Academy. Also highly recommended. It shows what a modern — compared to a factory — school can do.