Bubble Gum Bag Variant

«If at first you don’t succeed, try again – if you still fail, give up – no sense being a damn fool about it.»
W. C. Fields

After a while of using it, the plastic clasp of the bubble gum bag broke. So I tried a new version that does not use the clasp from a ziplock bag.

The new version has velcro sew directly on the plastic from a ziplock bag. First sew the velcro at the ends without folding the bag, then sew on the pocket for the paper, then sew the sides (left side) with the folded bag (shown in the image):

Turned on the right-side, you end up with a bag that closes with velcro, the inside being all ziplock bag surface (save the threads and the velcro), and with a small pocket for pieces of paper. Works well with these small pieces of gum (tic-tac size) and Fisherman’s friends.