Bubble Gum Bag

«Oh. I told you about that click [of the prison cell door]. Daddy says that, in a dilemma, it is helpful to change any variable, then reexamine the problem. I tried to introduce a change with my bubble gum.»
«Have Space Suit will Travel» by Robert A. Heinlein

Love chewing bubble gum — or eating Fishermen’s Friend — not so much a fan of carrying a loud somewhat large container with me, or not having paper for the used gum.

So I thought a small bag might work, akin to a bag for nuts and one for tea.

I sketched some ideas, among others this one, and started sewing.


The first version was straightforward — take one of these small a plastic bags with a zip closure, cut it to size, sew some Cordura around it, create a space for small pieces of paper (cut to size) for used gums. A few minutes of work.

And yeah, the first version worked very well, if you like paper cuts. While the paper is easily accessible, it also leaves the (sharp) paper in the same area as the zip closure. So, whenever you open it, you risk cutting it. Great if you want to stop chewing gums, not so great otherwise. 😉


I thought about putting the paper on the opposite side.

But that would point upside down and I might lose it once I carry fewer gums. Instead, I just made the whole thing a bit higher. Now the paper is still in the case, but further away from the zip closure.

Works out very well. The bubble gums/Fisherman’s Friends are somewhat protected against moisture — rain killed more than one package of Fisherman’s Friend — even though the seams make it anything but waterproof. And yeah, relatively flat, easy to carry in a pocket, and absolutely silent.