Leather Bed Tablet Holder

«Sweet little thing like you shouldn’t be reading such filth anyway.»
«I grew up in a convent, sir. Everything I know in the world, I owe to books.»
Pawnbroker and Simone in «Quills»

Due to reflux — upper stomach muscle does not close correctly, which is a problem given the stomach acid — my bed is at an angle. The head is higher than the foot. In principle, given that my upper body is higher than my stomach when sleeping, reflux should be reduced. This simple physical intervention should prevent damage to the gullet oesophagus and larynx. A while ago, I also switched to a tatami mat (with a thin mat as cover) — I find a harder «mattress» more comfortable.

Only downside — it’s rather easy to slip down. Not so much a problem for myself, but pretty annoying when you are trying to read lying on your stomach and the tablet slips down again and again.

Sure, first world problem, but annoying. So I tied a piece of leather to the top end of the bed. It would probably stay in position anyway, but tied to the bedstead and with its rather raw surface, the tablet stays in place. If it is not needed, it can be simply rolled up and put between mattress and wall.

Yeah. Simple intervention beats continuous annoyance.