Interesting 30 Day Challenge with great links for Graphs/Charts

«You’re never going to improve in life if you keep competing with people who stink. No offense, Gus.»
«None taken.»
«You got to challenge yourself. If you don’t, complacency sets in. And bad things happen when we become complacent.»

A colleague recently pointed out the #30DayChartChallenge. It reminds me of the old flickr photography challenges, groups with a topic for each day or week. It challenges you to be creative, to find something that is new and useful, with something concrete to play with.

Transferring this to charts … hey, that’s clever and interesting. Might be well-worth the time to challenge yourself and get more fluent in charts. And yeah, there’s also the tidytuesday-project — with weekly challenges, but that one focuses only on R (a language for statistics and visualizations). The #30DayChartChallenge is tool-agnostic.

Oh, and one of the best things about that page — the recommendations (see Chart Type Selection on that #30DayChartChallenge page). The links are incredible, among others to From data to Viz with brilliant guides to select graphs or their page on caveats in visualizations.

Highly recommended. 🙂