New Standing Desk Setup: Mod #1

Archer: «This is my Science Officer, T’Pol.»
Soong: «No need for an introduction. I admire your people very much. We share a similar view of humanity.»
T’Pol: «What view is that?»
Soong: «That it could stand some improvement.»
T’Pol: «I believe that’s true of most species, if not all.»
Star Trek Enterprise – Borderland

Looking at the monitor stand for my normal-desk-converted-to-standing-desk  — I realized it would be a great place for my notebook. In the sense of “what if I spill some coffee” (because I did not have any coffee, yet)?

So, I drilled two wide gaps for the cables (mostly for the Apple HMDI-Power-USB-A adapter, the external headphones, and the smartphone USB-C cable) and … yeah, it works:

(BTW, does anyone know whether it’s a good idea to use a normal drill for side-ways drilling? Everything in me screams it’s a very bad idea. And yeah, if a had a small saw made for wood, the holes would have looked much, much better.)

I lose some shelf storage space, but I get more empty space to my right (on the desk itself) and a safe space for my notebook.