Weight Hacking Part III – Pattern Matching

When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.
Tuli Kupferberg

After my attempt at more-or-less creatively hacking diets did work out (at least for the moment, reducing is easy, keeping is not), it’s fun to change things and watch for patterns. First question was whether I can continue to keep the weight without actually weighing everything I eat (just myself, both in the morning and evening).

Answer — not really:

There’s a definite uptick here.

What’s more interesting is to look for patterns. Currently I’m only looking at the days of the week, and during the last few weeks the same pattern seems to occur over and over:

Looks like the weekends are rather bad for my weight — I do cross the upper threshold of my weight-corridor, while Tuesday is usually the day with my lowest weight. On the other hand, while based on two measurements per day, weight is highly variable within a kg or two. At least if you drink a lot (I mean tea and water, although alcohol works as well, as long as you stay conscious).

Not sure about the reason for this (possible?) pattern. Perhaps the lack of walking 7-8 km per day of the normal workday. Perhaps because I’m much, much more closer to a well-stocked fridge. Could also be random, just some cyclic thing of realizing I have gained weight and attempting to reduce it.

Will be interesting to find out whether the pattern actually exists — and if so, what the reasons are.


And BTW, R is really cool, even for simple graphs as these.

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