Weight Hacking Part IV – The Long View

measure twice, cut once

The last posting about weight hacking has been a while (about nine months), but the daily tracking continues (with a few missing values). Enough to see a few phases and trends:

 Looking at the chart (thank’s R :-)):

  • Phase 1 was losing weight from around 82 kg to 70 kg. It was … straightforward. Just watching what I did eat, measuring every kcal. Two months and done. Actually wanted to get lower, but moments of dizziness convinced me that enough was enough.
  • Phase 2 was October 2018 to around mid-December 2018. Trying to go on without measuring each kcal. Steady increase. Did not work out well.
  • Phase 3 was between December 2018 and February 2019. There were the holidays (food less a problem than lack of scales and loss of daily structure). And trying to do fasting (worked, and was interesting). Strong increases and decreases. So, fasting for three days (eating nothing) led to strong decreases, but equally fast increases.
  • Phase 4 was intermittent fasting, from around February 2019 to end of August 2019. Eating nothing during the day, but only between 7 pm and 10 pm. Slow increase, some spikes (weekends, lack of daily routine and the fridge in sight), and I can draw a line when I’d reach 82 kg (or more) again. So, doesn’t seem to work either.
  • Phase 5 started beginning of this month. Using Mudder’s Milk during the day and eating a meal during the evening. Not sure whether it can break the upwards trend. If that fails too, I’ll try something else. Perhaps I do get back to kcal counting. That did work, very very well (Phase 1, and yeah, I’m kicking myself for not doing a Phase 0 baseline first).

And yeah, in any case, logging weight data easily (scales where I walk by naked or with clothes of known weight every day, with a pen and paper attached to the wall to quickly jot down the numbers) is really useful here. Weight is something that sneaks up on you and changes are hard to notice.

And yup, still interesting to see where the body weight is going. 😉