The pathology of ideological possession

«The idea that something should be consistent, you were talking about the necessity for consistency in ideology, it’s like, I’m not hearing what *you* think. I’m hearing how you’re able to represent the ideology you were taught. And it’s not that interesting. Because I don’t know anything about you. I could replace you with someone else who thinks the same way. And that means you’re not here. That what it means. It’s not pleasant. So, you’re not … integrating the specifics of your personal experience with what you’ve been taught, to synthesize something that’s genuine and surprising, and engaging in a narrative sense as a consequence. And that’s the pathology of ideological possession. It’s not good. And it’s not good that I know where you stand on things once I know a few things. It’s like … why have a conversation? I already know where you stand on things.»
Jordan Peterson

The quote above is from an interview of Jordan Peterson (around 1 hour 8 minutes in). In contrast to the abysmal performance of Kathy Newman, this interviewer was a bit better. Well, at least she way more subtle in her attacks. But I think she’s also highly ideological, narrow minded, and sexist and racist. So the quote above nails the issue very well.

And yeah, it’s very sad when people do not become worthwhile individuals, but just carriers of some ideology.

Hmm, but yeah, the whole video is worth watching, if a bit cringe-worthy at times. Due to the interviewer, BTW, to me she’s very annoying, and gives the impression of being (or at least attempting to be) patronizing (she doesn’t have the stones intellectual acumen for it, not in that conversation). She should really take a page from Dave Rubin. He doesn’t come across as narrow minded and almost mean-spirited. (Update: Ah, shower thoughts, she comes across as judgmental (her use of “good”, like she’s trying to reward him), without having achieved the position to do so.)

Hmmmm, and yeah, the whole video is cut and advertised like outrage porn. Looks like the media is cursed to play the same game over and over again. Pity.


Update: The usual tidying up of ambiguous phrases and spelling mistakes after posting.