The difference an @ makes in a Tweet

Visitors should behave in such a way that the host and hostess feel at home.
J. S. Farynski

I do this blog for fun … because it’s something that I enjoy, that keeps me on a topic I’m interested in. You might not see it if you have an ad-blocker running, but it’s a source of pride to me that this blog is without ads. Mostly because I find them … unaesthetic. And yup, this blog is important for me. It’s even more important to me at the moment, giving that I am out-of-a-job. Which is a serious problem if you identify yourself mostly by what you do.

Anyway, I wrote a blog posting and tweeted about it, and included the company twitter handle of the software it was about:


The reaction:


Waow. Not even Viagra can provide these kinds of results. 😉

But seriously. It highlighted again how I have to improve bringing the content that I write the audiences which might be interested in it. One twitter handle, a posting by the company on their newsletter, and a huge influx in visitors. Waow, in any case, it’s a win-win. Companies like the one who did DEVONthink get exposure of their useful software, and I get feedback that my work matters. And if you have any questions about productivity or any other topic, ask them. This reaction was started by a reader (Mio) asking a question.


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