Disabled the Captcha check for Comments

“WARNING: sending me junk-email will be interpreted as granting permission to bomb your offices and machine-gun your children.”
Simon Slavin, in alt.sysadmin.recovery [ah, the good old days ;-)]

Hating spam, I had Captcha enabled. If you write a comment, this plugin asks for the answer to a simple math question before it accepts a comment. Unfortunately there seems to be something wrong with the plugin. Not sure since when, but Mike send me an eMail two hours ago an informed me about it (thank you :-)).

Also not sure what went wrong with the plugin, but I have disabled it.

Note that the website field should be non-writable. Not that I do not want to be informed about interesting websites, but I use this as a simple way to check for some kind of machine generated comments. Machine generated spam comments can use this field as they do not actually use the form on the website, but normal users cannot. So any comment with a website address is automatically discarded. The only difficulty is to remember to manually change the wordpress files when I update WordPress.

Anyway, thank you all for the comments and sorry if some comments got lost. Best to copy and paste the comment prior to clicking submit. I do this in all cases I leave a comment because sometimes websites (or the network connection) do have hiccups.