Creating Serendipitous Organizational Creativity

Thomas Edison (1847-1931)
AMERICA’S most prolific inventor, and the first entrepreneurial scientist, Edison was issued over 1,000 patents in his lifetime. He is popularly credited with inventing such history-making devices as electric lights, the phonograph, and the motion picture.
Bio in the “Martian Dreams” computer game

big think has an interesting comment by Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs’ Favorite Product: The Apple Team.

It’s really well-worth watching. I especially like the concept of a workspace where people bump into each other — almost serendipitously. It’s a far cry from a competitive, cold, everyone for themselves, winner-takes-it all mentality present in some organizations. And I really wish this natural support for collaboration would be more frequent in the workplace. And personally, I would not overemphasize the charisma for this infrastructure to work — but I think you need a very strong goal focus and the mentality that all employees work for this shared goal.