How about starting your own little library?

“It’s a gift. Never lend books.”
“Well, then, thank you for the gift.”
Adama and Roslin in “Battlestar Galactica”

Aren’t books just great? A thing that occupies a tiny amount of space, yet contains in itself information that can blow your mind. Information might be going digital, but books are still a thing. Libraries still matter. But libraries do not need to be foreign objects or places. If you like books — why not start your own?

There are services like bookcrossing which allow you to share books, but if you want to start a “give one, take one” exchange of books, all you need is the equivalent of a birdhouse — with a better opening. Just take a look at this site. Or, if you don’t want to, here are some images from that site:

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Great idea, and brilliant way to exchange and distribute some books.

Personally — hell yeah, if I ever have a space that belongs to me, I’ll implement this thing. And this will be one of the books that is always available for exchange — because I believe in it. 🙂