Book Recommendation: BITE: Recipes for Remarkable Research

The Master lit the spirit lamp under the little silver chafing dish and heated some butter before cutting half a dozen poppy heads open and tossing them in. Poppy was always served after a feast: it clarified the mind and stimulated the tongue, and made for rich conversation. It was traditional for the Master to cook it himself.
“The Golden Compass” by Philip Pullman

williams_jones_robertson_2014.pngA month ago I stumbled upon this blog entry on The Thesis Whisperer about the free ebook “BITE: Recipes for Remarkable Research”.

It’s available at and after having a look at it I can highly recommend it. It’s well worth reading — or browsing. Some very interesting tips on academic work, be it individual or collaborative work, or the work environment in general. And all these tips in an interesting design.

Highly Recommended.