Recommendation Update: Ballet

Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.
Erol Ozan (via

I did visit another ballet performance yesterday. This time a more experimental performance called “Tanzlabor” [dance laboratory] at the “Staatstheater” [state theatre] in Stuttgart.

And waow.

It was the second time that I have seen a ballet performance. The first time it actually told a story I could follow (The Taming of the Shrew). This time, I did not understand a word, but it sure as hell looked impressive.

Sitting in the front row had it perks too, especially given the lack of an orchestra pit. At times, the dancers were within arms reach. Great to see details, although you had the same effect as at the cinema — you have to turn the head a lot to see everything.

The only downside was that I should have eaten something beforehand. Not only did I get a headache after the performance, but I was distracted during the performance by a craving for some nachos. That would have made the evening perfect for me.

Still, if you have the chance, even if you have never seen it, watch a ballet performance. It’s impressive. Regarding ballet, I’m still in the stage of “Waow, a body can do this?” and “Holla, hello grace and smoothness.” — and I hope it lasts. As for what ballet can do, this short movie is quite interesting.

And personally, I’d like to learn more about it. I used the introductory presentation prior to the performance to order “Ballet for Dummies” via the Amazon app (so much for “mobile learning” ;-)). Not that the introduction was bad, I just found it hard to follow, mostly because it followed a script.

And as impressive this artform is in itself, I think it has more impact if you can understand the language.

But anyway, highly recommended.