Ideas in the Shower

Kirk: “I need a shower.”
Spock [sniffing]: “Yes.”
“Star Trek V”

PhD Comics has a beautiful comic today:

“Piled Higher and Deeper” by Jorge Cham (

I can only agree — one of the reasons why it really pays to have something to write available when you are in the shower.

A notepad ties to the shower curtain is available while in the shower to quickly jot down ideas. Tear off the pages when it is full and throw it beyond the shower. You can pick them up when you leave the bathroom. No more good ideas lost when one of the countless distractions occur after you have finished the shower.

After all, no need to interrupt the shower — or to lose ideas by thinking you have them later (most likely you don’t). A cheap notepad with spiral binding tied to the shower curtain and a pen that writes upside down and in almost any circumstances (e.g., uni Power Tank 1.0) works really well. And as much fun as it admittedly is to shower with someone else, if you want to have ideas (beyond the shower itself) you better shower alone. 🙂

BTW, my favorite place for ideas is the bathtub nowadays … one of the few places where you can really relax. That is, until my smartphone got it’s waterproof skin. While I can listen to music and write down ideas digitally (has it’s advantages), I can also listen to podcasts which rather interferes with the amount of ideas I am having. On the other side, they provide the basis for a lot of new ideas.