An amateur practices until he gets it right.
A professional practices until he never gets it wrong.

There are probably few areas where lack of skills is immediately apparent as in music (unfortunately for the audience) — and where great skill is easily recognized as well. As frequently said, you need skills to be creative, and as a Tuesday inspiration a rather old video I stumbled upon recently on YouTube: Estas Tonne playing … magnificently.

Dang … this guy can play. 🙂

But seriously, trying to do magnificient work without honing skills first for a long time — because creativity should be effortless — is like hoping for continuous wins of jackpots … extremely unlikely. Magic thinking does not help here, persistence does. And the old saying that you should learn art to forget about it does not mean that you could also not learn it at all. Creativity requires investment in knowledge and skills to pay off … there is no shortcut — luckily.

Happy Tuesday. 🙂