Typewriter Scrolling in Scrivener

It isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you out,
it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.

Sometimes it’s just a small detail that can make you crazy, and with Scrivener’s fullscreen (or now: composition mode) it was the typewriter scrolling. When activated, the line you work with is automatically the vertical center of the screen.

If you are writing the text from scratch, this feature is very useful — you can fixate the same line with your eyes and do not need to go down-down-down until the text is the the very last line of the virtual page (like in Word). But it can drive you crazy if you are editing the text and whenever you type somewhere it is automatically recentered vertically, thus forcing you to visually jump to the vertical center each and every time you change something.

Luckily there is the Format – Options – Typewriter Scrolling Setting in the menu bar, if you disable it, Scrivener does not show this behavior — in the selected view mode. What drove me mad and took me a while to understand is that there are independent settings for the normal window and for the composing/fullscreen mode. Thus, you have to disable Format – Options – Typewriter Scrolling in the composing mode independently from the normal mode, either by going with your cursor to the top of the screen, or by pressing ctrl + cmd + t when in the composing mode.

As you usually do not see the menu bar in the composing/fullscreen mode, it’s easy to miss it.


  1. Thank you so much. I was going crazy with this feature turned on. Now back to working on my next book.

  2. Thank you!
    Typewriter scrolling suddenly stopped working and I didn’t know why.
    I remembered that I’d checked the box in
    Tools –> Options –> Editor –> “Typewriter scrolling in new projects” but I’d forgotten about
    Format –> Options –> Typewriter scrolling.

    So simple. And cheers for the tip about turning it off for easier editing.

  3. YOU SAVED MY LIFE TODAY. Six years later and THIS post keeps me writing. Oh, happy internet. Thank you!

  4. does this typewriter have a sound like in the old days? that would be great!

  5. In full screen mode it had to be “ctrl + G + T” (two letters together!) to solve it! Thank you for helping let go this huge grain of sand in my shoe!

  6. Thank you. Typewriter Scrolling began for no apparent reason I could discern – to drive me MAD!

    So, thank you very much.

    That drove me craaaaazy!! OMG. Hahaha. I am sooo happy now!!

  8. I wish there was a way to MAKE Word 2016 do the typewriter mode. It is supremely annoying for the focus of my eyes to always be shifting downward, and then just type along the botton. Yuck! So for me, the grain in my shoe is the fact that Word does not have typewriter mode.

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