GroupZap — Online Shared Whiteboard

Some time ago (shame on me) someone at GroupZap send me an eMail about their product: A website where you can collaboratively work on the same shared whiteboard. You can write Post-Its, easily move and scale them, draw lines, etc. If you ever had a quick phone conversation where you wanted to develop something together you see the value of this immediately.


As I usually work either alone or with colleagues in the same building, I had no opportunity to really try it out, but working with two computers at the same time worked as well. And it’s a really good tool. There are some issues regarding usability and the need to give an eMail-address, but besides this it is easy to share information this way. You change something and a second or two later the people sharing the whiteboard see the changed version.

Two really great features of GroupZap are an edit list, showing you not only who did what but also letting you replay the whole development, so you can replay the development of the ideas, and an quick and easy PDF export.


In short, GroupZap is a quick to use tool for collaborative work. Still in its early stages, but already very usable.