The simple app at the end of the photography process

Trust that little voice in your head that says “Wouldn’t it be interesting if …”
And then do it.
“More Joy of Photography” by Duane Michals

Some time ago, I wrote a posting about Apps that use effects to make even a random photo look like “art”. Yesterday I tried out some effects of Camera+ with a few of my photos. Some of the photos were okay, others were so-so — you wouldn’t look twice. But using the Clarity scene mode (boosts contrast and saturation to insane levels) together with effects like Nostalgia, Ansel, Hipster, Lomographic, etc. and a nice frame produced … interesting results.

As the images are probably at least somewhat NSFW, the image containing a few results is only liked here (sorry about the quality, it’s scaled down to fit into a blog posting and the photos look better by themselves on an iPhone).

It’s strange — you use a semi-professional DSLR and Aperture, and at the end a “simple” app on a mobile phone produces the most interesting results …