ChatGPT for Image Recognition

Artificial Intelligence: «Cognition in the human brain should not be of elevated status because it is implemented in cells instead of silicon.»
Daoming Sochua, Scientific Morality, Vol II in «Civilization: Beyond Earth»

Movies and series are a great source of inspiration, whether it’s using duck fat on meat («John Wick 2»), great music (apps like Shazam or sites like help here), clothes ( helps) — inspiration abound.

When it comes to identifying objects like furniture, apparently ChatGPT 4o ( ) can help out. Just provide it with a screenshot, ask for the object, and, well, impressive:

Click on image to enlarge.

On the right side is the screenshot from an episode of «Elementary», on the left is another browser window with Google image search results for the «Womb Chair». Yup, it’s a hit, or very very close.

Perhaps the object was quite distinctive and thus easy to recognize, but still. Extremely well done. Unfortunately, the chair is way beyond my price range and I do not have the space for it, but at least I know that now. Who knows, things might change for the better one day.

Happy identifying …