Air Fryer Update

He couldn’t help remembering how much he’d wanted a puppy when he was a little boy, mind you, they’s been starving, anything with meat on it would have done.
«Guards! Guards!» by Terry Pratchett

After testing the air fryer for a while — waow, still fantastic. Crispy meat, you need hardly any oil, and very easy to use.

And it’s very educational. I now understand the concept of a smoke point. For example, if you use duck fat in the Air Fryer mode, you’re going to signal to the neighborhood that you have elected a new pope, with the fire alarm ringing instead of bells. Should have known that the smoke point of duck fat is way too low for the air fryer.

But beside these educational experiences, it works brilliantly. And the duck fat still tastes great, if you put it on the meat after using the air fryer. It becomes liquid in a few seconds and the taste is actually quite good (Thanks, «John Wick 2»).

So yeah, highly recommended.