Cheating at Cooking with an Air Fryer

«This isn’t food. No one expects it to be food. If people wanted food they’d stay at home, isn’t that so? They come here for ambience. for the experience. This isn’t cookery, Bill. This is cuisine.»
«Hogfather» by Terry Pratchett

I can’t cook … very well. I eat it, but it’s not exactly cuisine. However, a while ago I tried using an Air Fryer. And damn … the meat is just incredible. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. I’d go with restaurant quality — good ones.

And it is much, much faster than using the pan or the oven, and much easier to clean. Just use parchment paper trays and a grill rack inset.

You don’t even need much else, just some good meat, oil (e.g., avocado oil), salt and pepper. While the Air Fryer preheats (4 mins), just rub it with oil, then with salt and pepper. I also added some ghee on top. The follow the instructions for temperature and time. Checking with a meat thermometer for safe consumption temperature is also useful. Cleaning is just letting the rack cool down, throw away the parchment tray (some paper towels to catch the excess oil/grease), cleaning the rack and the drawer of the Air Fryer with some soap water. Done.

I mean, waow. That food is really, really good.

Wild Boar.

Highly recommended.

(Not a specific product recommendation, so I do not mention which Air Fryer I have. Just check the reviews, e.g., on Amazon.)