Very Simple Meditation Time for the Apple Watch

12 Rules for Staying Fucking Sane
1. Meditate like a fuckin’ Monk.
2. Avoid debates with fuckwits.
3. Laugh at silly shit.
4. Stop trying to save every fucker.
5. Don’t obsess about shit you can’t change.
6. Stop overthinking the fuck out of everything.
7. Stop avoiding the shit you should confront.
8. Of course life’s not fucking fair. Prepare for mayhem.
9. Stop looking for some fucker to complete you. You’re not incomplete.
10. Stop expecting others to think like you. It’s fucking ridiculous.
11. Stop seeking the approval of people who give zero fucks about you.
12. Don’t fuck a narcissistic sociopath. And yes, that’s quite specific.

There are a lot of meditation apps with lots and lots of different functions: time, sounds, guided meditations, heck, even personal advice. But especially when it comes to meditation, sometimes you just want a simple timer that also logs «mindful minutes» and is available on the Watch Interface.

Normally, a timer app would be sufficient. But you would have to manually add the mindfulness minutes. And adding them manually after each meditation is a chore that get’s «forgotten» quickly.

Most available meditation apps are an overkill. I could ignore features and space is not an issue, but most come with a subscription model. Being penalized for long-term usage for features I do not use, nope.

After some searching, I saw someone mention «Monk Mode». It’s a pure Apple Watch App (look for the meditating monk as icon, there are multiple apps with this name). There is no interface on the iPhone, and while you can download it on the iPhone, you have to go to the Watch App Store app to continue to install it (IIRC).

What you get is a very simple app that:

  • is a timer (with few options for the duration)
  • triggers the vibration alarm when the time is over
  • logs mindfulness minutes
  • measures and shows your average heart rate afterwards
  • is available from the Watch Interface

Simple, elegant, very very useful. And by the way, just taking 15 minutes at the end of the day to center yourself — started a few weeks ago and after a week or so I would not miss it for the world.

Happy meditating.