Personal SWOT Analysis via ChatGPT Update

«You ask why, Imriel. Because in a game of wills, the stakes are raised and pleasure is heightened. And in the playing of it, we come to know ourselves — and each other — more deeply.» The quirt trailed lower. «Already, I’ll wager Katherine has learned something new of herself since first we met,» she said, meeting her eyes. «Is it not so?»
«Kushiel’s Scion» by Jacqueline Carey

Looking at the result of letting ChatGPT do a SWOT analysis based on some probing questions — yeah, it fits perfectly.

Click on image to see large version.

Of course, the SWOT is based on the answers, i.e., conscious replies, I have given. So it is no wonder that I agree with it. I told it what I think about myself. It makes it also very hard to go in the blindspots territory.

But still, I can recommend trying it out. It’s a non-judgmental perspective from a biased but pretty good AI.