9mm Tour

«You know, I’m front page material now. I’m about to crack a story about the 3 pigs running a home improvement scam. Houses falling left and right.»
«I’ve got the wide angle lens for those piggies. You gotta go wide!»
The Wolf and Twitchy in «Hoodwinked!»

Tried out a fully mechanical 9mm lens. Not sure about it, both regarding the image quality and its operation. But irrespective of its quality (and the problem might be behind the viewfinder), it’s an interesting attempt to see a city anew.

Not only due to the wide angle, but also when operating a fully mechanical lens. Meaning setting shutter speed, aperture and ISO manually and then trying to get the relevant parts sharp with manual focus.

(And yup, the last photo was done at a later date.)

Not sure it worked out, but fun to try — and I’ve still got a lot to learn. And fun to shift the perspective a little.