Stained Glass Windows

«After a day spent working, covered in sweat, with dirty hands and a sore back, I’d come to the temple and melt in the glimmer of stained glass and the sounds of music. It’s as if I departed the regular world and went up to the celestials.»
Sosiel in «Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous»

One side effect of getting to know the city you live in — esp. a somewhat old city like Lübeck — there are lots of old Churches with beautiful stained glass windows:

BTW, good photo editing apps have a correction for the perspective. It changes the image to look more like a frontal photo than one taken from below.

A while ago, I wondered whether it would be possible to replicate something like this with window foil, or even cut out colored semi-transparent paper. Perhaps something to revisit …