Dates with Honey and Nuts (update)

Pros: Food
Cons: Making

The recipe with dates, honey and nuts worked out pretty well. I bought different dates and while smaller, the overall recipe still works. Just cut the dates in half, put a tiny bit of honey on the cut dates, and add some nuts on top. Additionally, salt and pepper do work very well.

How does the recipe compare to other snacks. I had a look at a Snickers:

And it is roughly comparable regarding the kcals. A single Snickers does have 244 kcals, the six dates with nuts and honey should have roughly 229 kcals (45g dates are 131 kcals, 6g honey are 19 kcals, and 13g nuts are 79 kcals, unless I got confused with the measurements).

You can further increase the kcal count if you combine the snack with suiting ingredients, e.g., goat’s cheese:

So, yeah, it’s a rather heavy snack in terms of kcals. On the other hand, while it does contain lots of sugar (dates, honey) it likely is a more healthy snack than, e.g., a Snickers. At least, with the dates-honey-nuts you see and eat what you get. In processed food there are … rather strange ingredients. Additionally, while a Snickers five-pack is not that expensive, overall I think the dates-honey-nuts treat might be cheaper. Considering how little is needed for a very satiating snack, the initial price might be higher, but it keeps much longer.

So, yeah, strongly prefer the dates-honey-nuts treat to Snickers. It’s fun to play around with the «raw» ingredients.