Brought to you by the same company …

He extended a packet of cigarettes.
They were Greentips. I said automatically: «No, thanks. I smoke Starrs; they’re tastier.» And automatically I lit one, of course. I was becoming the kind of consumer we used to love. Think about smoking, think about Starrs, light a Starr. Light a Starr, think about Popsie, get a squirt. Get a squirt, think about Crunchies, buy a box. Buy a box, think about smoking, light a Starr. And at every step roll out the words of praise that had been dinned into you, through your eyes and ears and pores.
«I smoke Starrs; they’re tastier. I drink Popsie; it’s zippy. I eat Crunchies; they tang your tongue. I smoke——»
«The Space Merchants» by Frederick Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth

Recently saw the following billboard:

Roughly translated it says «Does your heart beat in rhythm?» and offers free heart screenings.

What I find interesting are the organizations in the footer — one of them is Pfizer. The same company who — in my view — did put a questionable so-called vaccine on the market. A vaccine that — based on what I have read — has myocarditis (a heart condition) as a rare but possible side-effect.

So, the company whose product likely led to heart problems in some people now takes part in a campaign to examine people’s hearts. And yeah, I don’t know the details, might be completely unrelated, might have been offered for years, or the screenings might not be able to detect any problems that might be due to the so-called vaccines. But it reminded me that there was talk about big pharmaceutical companies using their Covid-profits to buy up smaller companies that specialize in the same problems that are likely to happen as side effects of the so-called Covid vaccine.

I mean, waow, after the last two to three years, it’s hard to not be blackpilled. I am just very, very happy that I did not get any Covid shots. But it’s almost like these companies are tying to build up an event-customer chain à la «The Space Merchants» (see quote in the beginning).

I hope I am wrong, because hell, while there is dark creativity, this would be pitch black.