Modifying Clothes – Pockets

«Guess what I’ve got, Donna? [holds up the roboform remote control] Pockets!»
«How did that fit in there?»
«They’re bigger on the inside.»
The Doctor and Donna in «Doctor Who – The Runaway Bride»

Sewing is still a beginning hobby, but it made me wonder, why is the lack of pockets in female clothes a problem (skirts, dresses, women’s trousers)? I mean, some women seem to be a bit fixated on it.

Practically, I see see no reason why cargo pockets would not work on a skirt. Just look at kilts, esp. utility- or cargo-kilts. Same principle as a skirt, but with outside cargo pockets. Same with almost any kind of women’s trousers that has some stiffness to it — cargo pockets would work. Heck, there are even some leggings and yoga-pants that come with pockets for smartphones. So depending on the weight of the content, even stretch material would work.

So there is no reason why you cannot add pockets to clothes. YouTube has enough sewing tutorials showing exactly that.

Unless, of course, the issue is not the issue. Perhaps the issue is having something to complain about. And perhaps the issue is that pockets would look rather … unpleasant on the female form. At least in the mind of the wearer. In my experience, it’s mostly other women who are that judgmental. Men are usually more appreciative.

Still, makes wonder what can be done with clothes when you begin modifying it.