Since when does macOS search text in images?

The biggest joke on mankind is that computers have started asking humans to prove that they are not a robot.

A while ago I noticed that a search on the Mac would lead to unexpected hits. Unless qualified by «name:» or «kind:», I expect that Mac OS searches in documents (text files, Word files, Keynote files, etc. pp.). But suddenly it found text in images.

Waow. One of the first moments was when I looking for which other texts had mentioned the HEXACO model and it showed me an image which contained the text. And yeah, the text was in the image itself, not in any description.

Trying it out, it also finds text in some comic strips:


It apparently can also find handwritten text, otherwise I don’t know why it found this image when I was looking for the term «rose».

Yeah, a very old (school days?) sketch of a box which should be made of rosewood («Rosenholz» in German). I mean, damn, that is kinda scary. Yeah, there are lots and lots of apps that do these kinds of searches, but this folder contains over 100.000 images in various subfolders. That is kinda scary.

However, there are limits, for example, small text is not found. But still, very powerful. It was able to find all photos related to a specific part of an event by the projector text in the background.


BTW, to make searches quicker, I strongly suggest to limit searches to the current folder (Finder => Settings).

Makes searches much quicker and much more useful.