Recommendation: Attack on Titan

«This world is cruel. But it’s also … it’s also beautiful.»
Mikasa in «Attack on Titan»

«Attack on Titan» is a very interesting manga (also turned into an anime series). It’s hard to write about it without giving spoilers. But, damn, it combines … very, very brutal scenes with … nice moments. I mean, the mindless cruelty of the pure Titans, the protagonists just trying to break out of their cage, the events behind it, all very well done.

I haven’t finished watching the anime, but finished the manga series (34 volumes) a few days ago and … kudos. It has one of those endings that is, well, yeah, bittersweet. And even with a few «got something in my eye» moments. sniff I mean, this scene here (reminder: mangas are read right to left):

From «Attack on Titan» (outch, sniff, sniff)

Yeah. Am reminded of the way the late Sean Connery’s character (Malone) died in «The Untouchables». Yeah.

Highly recommended, even though it does fuck you up at times.