A Workspace that works for you

Engineering: «Instruct the children not to dream of toys or sweets. Instruct them to dream of infrastructure.»
Vadim Kozlov, Axioms from the Minutes of the Central Directorate in «Civilization: Beyond Earth»

One thing I noticed when learning a new craft: We often look at getting the right tools. And the right high-quality tools do matter. They make work not only a joy, but also much, much easier. But perhaps even more important is the right infrastructure. For example, having a workspace that you control. That is always ready and tidied up. With a good light source.

Yeah, that’s a fire blanket and a first aid kit on the wall. Let’s just say, I learned from experience.

It pays to invest in the workspace. You end up with an environment that works for you, not against you.

Really makes a difference.