Downloading Reddit Videos

Wanna know how you can tell when the truth is being told? Facebook Blocks it, Twitter Deletes it, and YouTube Bans it.

There are some nice videos on reddit, for example, in the dataisbeautiful reddit. As information online vanishes quickly, it pays to download interesting videos.

A simply way is to get the embedded video link and then changing it to a better quality.

You find the video link in the Page Source (on many browsers, right-click, then select «View Page Source»). Just search for «» or «DASH_96.mp4». Not that there are usually multiple videos embedded on a page. Copy and paste the link to a new window to make sure you got the right one. If you have a plugin like Online Download Manager installed, you can click on «copy file link» in the Video tab.

However, the quality of that video is very low. Before downloading the video, change the _96 to _720.

As an example:

Interesting video about Apple’s history:

Use the Online Download Manager to get the video link:

Change the 96 to 720:

Open it in browser, and save the video (right click, «Save Video As …»).