Interesting presentation about misleading statistics

Statistics don’t lie. Liers use statistics.

Not a fan of current TEDx talks, but the presentation “How to defend yourself against misleading statistics in the news Sanne Blauw TEDxMaastricht” is actually worth watching. Hmm, it is from 2016, that explains part of it. But anyway, it shows basic misconceptions about misleading statistics. None were new to me (and I would consider some things differently), but entertaining and well done.

I especially like the presentation style — despite being a bit slick (I think it’s too well rehearsed), it provides the information in a nice way. She also uses her facial expressions very well, also the gestures, and there is nothing that distracts when it comes to clothes and accessoires. And it was a very nice idea to start and end with the survey.

BTW, it’s also nice to see what the presenter sees (current slide, next slide, and time on large monitors):

You’ve got to give it to TEDx, they know how to do the setup.