Reboots vs Originals

«I’m not going there to die. I’m going to find out if I’m really alive.»
Spike Spiegel in «Cowboy Bebop»

Stumbled upon this video by The Critical Drinker about the 2021 TV series version of Cowboy Bebop («Cowboy Bebop – How To Kill A Show In 5 Easy Steps»). I loved the Anime, the scene when Faye Valentine visits her old and destroyed home (during which Edward leaves with Ein, and Spike and Jet eat), beautiful music. Or the ending when … I’m not going to spoil it. But the scene with the stairs and the camera swiping up to the stars with the music … waow.

But, yeah, looks like the 2021 live action version was a shit-show:

No surprise here. You can tell good stories, or you can make propaganda. It’s extremely hard to do both.

It also fits to another video I saw today about Dave Cullen sticking to older movies («Why I Mostly Just Watch Old Movies & TV Shows»). Totally agree — started to do the same a while ago. It’s rare that I stick to a movie from today. While there are some nice exceptions («Three movie recommendations: “Winter’s Bone”, “The Hunt”, and “Run Hide Fight”»), and hey even “The Suicide Squad” was (mostly) surprisingly good, even though my low expectations might have helped, most of what is made today is crap. Which reminds me that I wanted to watch Clavell’s “Noble House” again (miniseries from 1988 with Pierce Brosnan).

And that’s the thing — you don’t have to stick with today’s media. You can look into the past — and hell, even on DVD these movies are extremely cheap. Or you can look into the future and create your own.

Happy escape.