Three movie recommendations: “Winter’s Bone”, “The Hunt”, and “Run Hide Fight”

Beware of the fury of the patient man.

It’s always nice to be surprised by movies. Three movies that surprised me along the same vein were “Winter’s Bone”, “The Hunt”, and “Run Hide Fight”. All three share a common theme — and I don’t mean the characteristics of the protagonist.

It’s more of a person being dragged into a situation this person does not want to be into, and is not responsible for it, whether it’s refunding a relatives bail (“Winter’s Bone”), being a political … shit-poster (“The Hunt”), or a school shooting (“Run Hide Fight”).

And — in two out of three — the other characters being more or less human beings, instead of caricatures. Whether it is Uncle Teardrop Dolly (“Winter’s Bone”) or Todd Hull (“Run Hide Fight”) — which is rare today especially when it comes to male characters. Okay, the mother in “The Hunt” did also have the best fairy tale.

So yeah, all three are highly recommended. Three well done movies.