iPad and Remote

But she decided that she might as well go to bed no matter what time it was. One whole wall was filled with books, both shelves and spindle racks. She found a spool of Kipling’s Just So Stories and took it happily upstairs with her.
Here she found another small surprise. The bed in the room she had been given was as modern as next week, complete with automassage, coffee dispenser, weather control, reading machine, etc. — but the alarm circuit was missing, there being only a plain cover plate to show where it had been. Jill shrugged and decided that she would probably not oversleep anyway, crawled into bed, slid the spool into the reading machine, lay back and scanned the words streaming across the ceiling. Presently the speed control slipped out of her relaxed fingers, the lights went out, and she slept.
«Stranger in a Strange Land» by Robert A. Heinlein

Sigh, typical demo effect, you want to show someone how you can use GoodReader on an iPad and a remote to turn the pages, and it doesn’t work. Apparently something has changed from the GoodReader version that is running on my old iPad 3 (which nevertheless does its duty over my bed for nighttime reading) and the current version on my iPad mini.

Update: Meh, there is a settings option in GoodReader that has to be activated for the remote to work:

You have to activate this setting.

Then you can select the locked view:

and it works. Click on the lock in the top-right corner to get back to the normal view.

Nevertheless, the remote (Setachi IIRC) still works, it just takes PDF Expert:

And yeah, sorry for the portrait mode of the video.

Still, if you want to use a Bluetooth remote outside of Apps like Keynote, PDF Expert can deal with it. Why is it important to turn PDFs via remote? First, presentations, as PDFs usually work on any device. In contrast to, e.g., Keynote, where you have to install the necessary fonts. Second, reading in bed. It’s just very, very relaxing to read and just turn the pages via a remote, pages that hang over you.

Hmmm, would be even better if I didn’t need to remove my glasses before I fall asleep. Well, you can’t have it all.