iPad reading in Bed (Update)

«Why don’t you ever look beneath the surface, young man! I laugh because I dare not cry. This is a crazy world and the only way to enjoy it is to treat it as a joke. That doesn’t mean I don’t read and can’t think. I read everything from Giblett to Hoyle, from Sartre to Pauling. I read in the tub, I read on the john, I read in bed, I read when I eat alone, and I would read in my sleep if I could keep my eyes open. Deety, this is proof that Zebbie has never been in my bed: the books downstairs are display; the stuff I read is stacked in my bedroom.»
«The Number of the Beast» by Robert A. Heinlein

When it comes to reading (and watching videos) in bed, I recently switched from an old iPad 3 to an iPad Pro (10.5 inch). Using a monitor arm to hold the iPad, I really love lying on my back and reading pages (or watching videos) that float above you in the darkness. Esp. when using a remote to turn the pages, not only because it saves raising your arm above your head, but also because the iPad is likely to vibrate a little if you touch it, which is annoying (yeah, first world problems 😉 ). And the monitor arm worked really well — for an iPad 3.

However, the holder is specifically designed for an iPad 3. As I did not find a working solution to adapt it to an iPad Pro (10.5 inch), I ordered a new monitor arm with a more flexible holder. Unfortunately, the arm was shorter than expected. However, I was mostly interested in the iPad holder itself. While the mechanism to attach the holder itself was not compatible with the existing monitor arm, a connecting joint was:

The new iPad holder (a) with the connection (also a), and the old monitor arm (b). It was only a matter of unscrewing the screw, removing the old iPad holder and inserting the new one. Given that the new holder is really flexible and would also work for rather thick smartphones and tablets, it used Post-Its to fix the distance between the holder and the iPad (c).

Or for a close up view:

Close up view. a) is part of the new holder, while b) is the existing arm.

Yeah. It seems to work very well (even though the holder is made from cheap plastic).

So, yeah, hands-free bedtime reading and watching videos. 🙂

(Actually, the main reason was that I wanted to use Scrivener for writing in bed. Could also work well, however, the iPad 3 was too slow for Scrivener — or heck, even typing with a Bluetooth Keyboard. I’ll see how that turns out.)

Update: Well, that was a great decision — the iPad Pro screen is much, much more clearer and I think much faster than the old iPad 3 screen. Works much better for reading and watching videos. (I did watch «The Big Sleep» before going to sleep yesterday, and no, I didn’t think it would be a movie to fall asleep too, nor would I think — to quote «nicht lustig» [no funny] comics, that «Silence of the Lambs» is a movie about meditating sheep. But the screen works great.)